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Alan Caplan Ruby – Mogok Ruby

Origin of name “Alan Caplan Ruby” also known as the “Mogok Ruby” gets its name from Alan Caplan the famous geologist and mineralogist and also mineral and gemstone dealer who acquired the stone while on a trip to Burma in the 1960s or 1970s. The ruby remained in his collection until 1988, when it was […]

Star of Bharany Ruby

Origin of name The “Star of Bharany Ruby” gets its name from the previous owners of this rare and unique gemstone, the House of Bharany, renowned dealers and collectors of antique jewelry, textiles, arts and artifacts and curios, based in New Delhi. The art and jewelry collection of the House of Bharany is so rare […]

Rajaratna Star Ruby

Origin of name The 2475-carat “Rajaratna Ruby” which was unveiled to the world by its owner Mr. G. Vidyaraj of Bangalore, India, at the end of the year 1986, was at that time considered to be the world’s largest ruby as well as the world’s largest star ruby, and was appropriately named the “Rajaratna Ruby” […]

Raviratna Star Ruby

Origin of name The 3553-carat (710.6g) “Raviratna Star Ruby” is the largest star ruby in the world, belonging to retired lawyer G. Vidyaraj of Bangalore, a descendant of the royal family of Vijayanagar, who inherited the enormous ruby and several other large gemstones, from his ancestors. Like the 1370-carat Neelanjali Star Ruby and the 2475-carat […]

Neelanjali Ruby

Origin of name The 1370-carat “Neelanjali Star Ruby” has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest double star ruby in the world. The enormous star ruby of Indian origin belongs to the retired lawyer G. Vidyaraj who lives in Bangalore, India, and claims his descent from the kings of the […]

Gordon Star Sapphire and Gordon Sapphire Necklace

Origin of Name The “Gordon Star Sapphire” and the “Gordon Sapphire” are two different blue sapphires weighing 52 carats and 50 carats respectively, that once belonged to Aron S. Gordon, the founder of Gordon Jewelers, from whom the two blue sapphires get their names. While the “Gordon Star Sapphire” was set in a pendant ring, […]

List of Blue Sapphires Excluding Blue Star Sapphires Greater than 100-carats in weight

S/N Name Carat weight Origin Cut/shape Present owners 1 Blue Giant of the Orient 486.52 Sri Lanka cushion Unknown 2 Queen Marie of Romania 478.68 Sri Lanka drop-shape cushion Unknown 3 Logan Sapphire 423.00 Sri Lanka rectangular cushion NMNH-Smithsonian 4 Blue Belle of Asia 400.00 Sri Lanka unknown Previous owner Lord Naffield 5 Unnamed 337.66 […]

“Blue Belle of Asia” Sapphire

Origin of name The name “Blue Belle of Asia” seem to reflect both the quality and the region of origin of this extraordinarily beautiful blue sapphire, said to be one of the top quality blue sapphires in the world. The word “belle” means a beautiful woman, and has been used metaphorically to refer to the […]

Star of Lanka Sapphire

Origin of name

The name reflects the type of gemstone and country of origin

The name “Star of Lanka” reflects both the type of gemstone and its country of origin. The gemstone is a blue star sapphire with a distinct six-rayed…

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