List of Blue Sapphires Excluding Blue Star Sapphires Greater than 100-carats in weight


Name Carat weight Origin Cut/shape Present owners
1 Blue Giant of the Orient 486.52 Sri Lanka cushion Unknown
2 Queen Marie of Romania 478.68 Sri Lanka drop-shape cushion Unknown
3 Logan Sapphire 423.00 Sri Lanka rectangular cushion NMNH-Smithsonian
4 Blue Belle of Asia 400.00 Sri Lanka unknown Previous owner Lord Naffield
5 Unnamed 337.66 Sri Lanka unknown Sheik Ahmad Hassan Fitaihi
6 Catherine the Great Sapphire 337.10 oval Unknown
7 Empress Maria’s Sapphire 260.37 Sri Lanka oval cushion State Diamond Fund Moscow
8 Loop Sapphire-1 252.00 Unknown unknown Unknown
9 Loop Sapphire-2 225.00 Unknown table-cut Unknown
10 Unnamed 206.82 Unknown oval-cushion Unknown
11 J. P. Morgan Sapphire-1 188.00 Sri Lanka unknown AMNH-New York City
12 J. P. Morgan Sapphire-2 158.72 Sri Lanka unknown AMNH-New York City
13 J. P. Morgan Sapphire-3 154.00 Sri Lanka unknown AMNH_New York City
14 Ruspoli Sapphire 135.80 Unknown cuboidal Natural History Museum, Paris
15 Blue Princess 113.72 Unknown cushion Unknown
16 Stuart Sapphire 104.00 Unknown oval British Crown Jewels
17 Bismarck Sapphire unknown Sri Lanka cushion NMNH-Smithsonian

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