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Lot 34 – A Pair of Antique Gold earrings Set With Diamonds, Circa 1900
Estimate: INR 40 – 42 lakhs | US$ 56,338 – 59,155
These fish hook gold earrings are set with large sparkling old European cut pear-shaped diamonds. The large

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List of famous faceted topaz greater than 1000 carats in weight

Famous faceted topaz gemstones greater than 1,000 carats in weight, arranged in descending order of weights


NameSourceCarat WeightCut/ShapeColorPresent Owners
1El-Dorado TopazBrazil31,000emeraldyellowish-brownPrograma Royal Collections
2Lua de MarabaBrazil25,250octagonalgrayPrograma Royal Collections
3American Golden TopazBrazil22,892.5cushionyellowish-brownNMNH – Smithsonian
4Brazilian Princess TopazBrazil21,005square-emeraldlight blueAMNH – New York
5Golden Topaz SphereBrazil12,555sphericalyellowish-brownNMNH -Smithsonian
6Topaz AmareloBrazil9,600pearyellowPrograma Royal Collections
7Topaz AzuliBrazil8,225cushionvivid bluePrograma Royal Collections
8UnnamedBrazil7,725unknownyellowNMNH – Smithsonian
9UnnamedBrazil4,202emeraldcolorlessPrograma Royal Collections
10UnnamedBrazil3,273unknownblueNMNH – Smithsonian
11UnnamedBrazil2,915ovalcolorlessPrograma Royal Collections
12UnnamedBrazil1,833pearbluePrograma Royal Collections
13UnnamedBrazil1,800ovalbluePrograma Royal Colections
14Braganza DiamondBrazil1,640unknowncolorlessPortuguese Crown Jewels
15UnnamedBrazil1,469unknownyellow-greenNMNH – Smithsonian

Topaz is one of the gemstones whose crystals can grow to enormous sizes given the appropriate conditions. The above

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World’s Largest Star Rose Quartz – Michael Scott Collection

Origin of name

The Michael Scott Collection, arguably the most important private gem collection in the United States, with a few rivals in the world outside of the royal families, was started by Michael Scott, the first president of

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List of faceted rubies greater than 10-carats in weight

List of gem-quality faceted rubies greater than 10-carats in weight arranged in descending order of weights



Carat WeightOriginCut-Shape

Present Owner

1Prince’s Ruby174.67unknownunknownBowers Museum
2Rosser Reeves138.70Sri Lankacabochon starNMNH Smithsonian
3DeLong Star100.32Burmacabochon starAMNH New York
4Nga Mauk98.00Mogok Burmaunknownunknown
5Kallahpyan74.00Mogok Burmaunknownunknown
6Maung Lin-170.00Burmaunknownunknown
7J.P.Morgan-267.00Sri LankaasymmetricalAMNH New York
8Mandalay48.019Mogok Burmacushionunknown
9J.P.Morgan-147.00Burmairregular cabchonAMNH New York
11Maung Lin-245.00Burmaunknownunknown
12Forster-239.50Mogok Burmadrop-shapedunknown
13Unnamed-set world record price for single ruby38.12Burmacabochonsold 1993 by Burma Gems Enterprise
14Unnamed36.00Burmaunknownsold by Mindon Min for £30,000
15Unnamed-set in ring32.67Mogok Burmaovalsold 2000 by Christie’s
16Forster-132.30Mogok Burmacushionunknown
17Unnamed-set in ring32.08Burmaunknownsold 1989 by Sotheby’s
18Star of Bharany27.62probably Burmaoval cabochon starHouse of Louis XV
19Unnamed-mounted in diamond pendant27.37Burmapearunknown
20Unnamed-auction record for star ruby26.40Burmacabochon starsold 1994 by Christie’s
21Unnamed-set in ring25.70unknownunknownsold 1988 by Christie’s
22Unnamed-12-rayed star ruby25.20Sri Lankacabochon starunknown
23Peace Ruby25.00Mogok Burmaround brilliantunknown
24Unnamed24.20unknowncushionsold 1989 by Christie’s
25Unnamed24.13Sri Lankacabochon starunknown
26Unnamed22.00Mogok Burmaunknownbought by Indian dealer named Chodilla
27Chhatrapati Manik Ruby20.70unknown probably Burmaoval cabochonunknown
28Nga Boh20.00Mogok Burmaunknownunknown
29Unnamed16.51Burmacushionsold 1993 by Sotheby’s
30Unnamed-mounted in ring16.20Mogok Burmaunknownsod 1990 by Christies
31Alan Caplan15.97Mogok BurmacushionSultan of Brunei
32Unnamed15.00Burmapearprivate European collector
33Unnamed14.00unknowncushionsold 1990 by Christie’s
34Unnamed-mounted in ring12.50Burmaunknownsold 1990 by Christie’s
35Unnamed-mounted in ring12.22BurmacushionSotheby’s 1995
36Unnamed-mounted in ring12.10unknownunknownsold 1992 by Christie’s
37Unnamed10.35unknowncushionsold 1988 Christie’s
38Unnamed10.11Burmacushionsold 1994 Christie’s
39Unnamed10.01unknowncushionsold 1989 Christie’s

Above is a list of gem-quality faceted rubies greater than 10-carats in weight, arranged in descending order of weights. In this list the number of rubies greater than 100-carats in weight are only three. The number of

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