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List of faceted rubies greater than 10-carats in weight

List of gem-quality faceted rubies greater than 10-carats in weight arranged in descending order of weights S/N Name Carat Weight Origin Cut-Shape Present Owner 1 Prince’s Ruby 174.67 unknown unknown Bowers Museum 2 Rosser Reeves 138.70 Sri Lanka cabochon star NMNH Smithsonian 3 DeLong Star 100.32 Burma cabochon star AMNH New York 4 Nga Mauk […]

J. N. Forster Rubies

Origin of name Two large rubies belonging to the Burmese royal family weighing 37 carats and 47 carats were brought into England in 1875 for sale in the British market. J. N. Forster decided to re-cut the two stones as they did not conform to British standards. The smaller stone was re-cut to 32.31 carats […]

Chhatrapati Manik Ruby

Origin of name The “Chhatrapati Manik Ruby” which according to legend is one of the oldest rubies in the world dating back to 380-415 AD, the period of rule of the powerful emperor of northern India, Candragupta II, also known as Vikramaditya (son of valour), gets its name from the title “Chhatrapati” (supreme king), which […]

Alan Caplan Ruby – Mogok Ruby

Origin of name “Alan Caplan Ruby” also known as the “Mogok Ruby” gets its name from Alan Caplan the famous geologist and mineralogist and also mineral and gemstone dealer who acquired the stone while on a trip to Burma in the 1960s or 1970s. The ruby remained in his collection until 1988, when it was […]

Star of Bharany Ruby

Origin of name The “Star of Bharany Ruby” gets its name from the previous owners of this rare and unique gemstone, the House of Bharany, renowned dealers and collectors of antique jewelry, textiles, arts and artifacts and curios, based in New Delhi. The art and jewelry collection of the House of Bharany is so rare […]

Rajaratna Star Ruby

Origin of name The 2475-carat “Rajaratna Ruby” which was unveiled to the world by its owner Mr. G. Vidyaraj of Bangalore, India, at the end of the year 1986, was at that time considered to be the world’s largest ruby as well as the world’s largest star ruby, and was appropriately named the “Rajaratna Ruby” […]

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