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List of famous faceted topaz greater than 1000 carats in weight

Famous faceted topaz gemstones greater than 1,000 carats in weight, arranged in descending order of weights S/N Name Source Carat Weight Cut/Shape Color Present Owners 1 El-Dorado Topaz Brazil 31,000 emerald yellowish-brown Programa Royal Collections 2 Lua de Maraba Brazil 25,250 octagonal gray Programa Royal Collections 3 American Golden Topaz Brazil 22,892.5 cushion yellowish-brown NMNH […]

Famous Topaz Gemstones- Cut and Uncut

Chemistry of the mineral Topaz Topaz is a silicate mineral which is the largest and most important class of rock-forming minerals. Topaz belongs to the sub-class Nesosilicates, the simplest of all silicates in which the tetrahedral SiO4 units exist separately, but are held together by metal cations as in Garnets, Andalusite and Olivine, or form […]

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