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List of famous faceted topaz greater than 1000 carats in weight

Famous faceted topaz gemstones greater than 1,000 carats in weight, arranged in descending order of weights S/N Name Source Carat Weight Cut/Shape Color Present Owners 1 El-Dorado Topaz Brazil 31,000 emerald yellowish-brown Programa Royal Collections 2 Lua de Maraba Brazil 25,250 octagonal gray Programa Royal Collections 3 American Golden Topaz Brazil 22,892.5 cushion yellowish-brown NMNH […]

Raviratna Star Ruby

Origin of name The 3553-carat (710.6g) “Raviratna Star Ruby” is the largest star ruby in the world, belonging to retired lawyer G. Vidyaraj of Bangalore, a descendant of the royal family of Vijayanagar, who inherited the enormous ruby and several other large gemstones, from his ancestors. Like the 1370-carat Neelanjali Star Ruby and the 2475-carat […]

“Blue Belle of Asia” Sapphire

Origin of name The name “Blue Belle of Asia” seem to reflect both the quality and the region of origin of this extraordinarily beautiful blue sapphire, said to be one of the top quality blue sapphires in the world. The word “belle” means a beautiful woman, and has been used metaphorically to refer to the […]

Unnamed 393-carat Sri Lankan Blue Star Sapphire


Origin of Name

The 393-carat blue star sapphire remained unnamed until recently

The 393-carat deep blue star sapphire with a well-defined 6-rayed star discovered in the 1970s from the alluvial gem deposits of Sri Lanka, is presently the…

Catherine the Great’s Sapphire

  Origin of name The enormous 337.10 carat “Catherine the Great’s Blue Sapphire” gets its name from the one time owner of this gemstone, Catherine the Great (1762-96), one of the two greatest rulers of the Romanov dynasty, that ruled Russia for more than 300 years from 1613 to 1917. Catherine the Great, was a […]

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