China Dazzled by Sri Lankan Sapphires

Mr Hasitha Tillekeratne, the Chairman/C.E.O of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA) said that, for the first time the “Sri Lanka Pavilion” was organized at the Shenzhen Gold, Jewellery and Gem Show 2010. It was held at Shenzhen city in China from the 9th to the  12 of March 2010.

According to the Daily Mirror Business of Sri Lanka, there were over 250 exhibitors at the show. It also attracted many trade related visitors. Many exhibitors also got orders during the show.

Shenzhen city is the largest  jewellery trading and manufacturing city in China. It is the biggest jewellery manufacturing center in China. Most of the gem studded jewellery for the Chinese market is manufactured in Shenzhen. The show was attended by a large number  of wholesalers of gemstones and jewellery. Jewelry equipment and tool manufacturers and advertising companies in  the jewelry industry also participated at the show.

A wide range of jewelry related products were exhibited at the show. Some of the products exhibited include diamond studded jewelry, fashionable platinum jewelry, white gold  jewelry, silver jewelry, steel jewelry, prestigious jade jewelry, pearls, diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious gemstones.

Hasitha Tillekeratne said, that the NGJA has identified China as a highly potential market and is actively involved with promoting  Sri Lankan gemstones in China. The NGJA is a government regulatory body mandated to develop, promote and regulate the gem and jewellery industry in Sri Lanka.

17 trading companies participated at the “Sri Lanka Pavilion”. On display was a wide variety of high quality gemstones and jewelry from Sri Lanka. The trading companies also established trading ties with buyers from China and Hong Kong. They also secured orders for high quality Sri Lankan gemstones such as blue sapphires, chrysoberyl cats eyes and blue sapphires. The Sri Lanka pavilion attracted numerous visitors and officials of the jewellery industry in China. On display was technical advice for the products from Sri Lanka and investment opportunities in the gem and  jewwellery industry in Sri Lanka.

The NGJA also secured a permanent place at the Bao’an International Jewellery Exchange Center for Sri Lankan traders. When completed and officially  opened in May, the center is expected to be the one stop sourcing center for international jewellery in Shenzhen. Three other similar centers are expected to be established in China. The Chinese government has invested over US$ 30 billion for the development of the center. The complex consists of a five story trading area, restaurants, economy hotels, training schools, apartments and factories.

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