Olympia Diamond Exhibit to be Extended

The Olympia Diamond Collection has been on exhibit since  September 2009 at the American Museum of Natural History.

The exhibit which was initially scheduled to round up by February 2010 has been extended, until further notice. The exhibit is showcased at the Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems of the AMNH. The AMNH receives over 4 million visitors annually.

Bruno Scarselli, one of the leading authorities of colored diamonds said “While it might be the rarity and multimillion dollar value of these five gems that attracts people to the museum’s Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems, it is the extraordinary beauty of these diamonds that thrills them. We want as many of the museum’s four million yearly visitors as possible to have the opportunity to see the collection.”

The Olympia Diamond Collection consists of 5 rare colored diamonds, that range in size from 1.01 to 2.34 carats. The colors of the natural diamond collection are blue, blue-green, orange, orange-yellow and purplish pink.

The two other well known exhibits of colored diamond collections, that were exhibited in museums include the Aurora Diamond Collection and the Splendor of Diamond Collection. In contrast however, the Scarselli diamond collection is expected to exhibit the strongest colors attainable in each color range.

One of the diamonds exhibited is the Scarselli Red Diamond, the largest natural red diamond in the world weighing  1.71 carats. It is a heart cut diamond, graded by the GIA as a fancy red diamond and worth about US$10 million.

The Scarselli red diamond was featured on The CBS Early Show on Friday, Feb. 12, 2010, before valentines day.

The Olympia Diamond Collection belongs to Scarselli Diamonds Inc, which is a third generation owned and operated business. Scarcelli Diamonds specializes on natural colored diamonds.

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