International Colored Stone Association Promotes Gemstones In China

The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) has reached agreement with a retailer in China to promote colored gemstones.

The Chinese retailer, Caishikou General Merchandise Co a Beijing based company is among the top retailers in China. According to the agreement a 5 to 10 day exhibition will be organized. The exhibition will be followed by the promotion of colored gemstones in the retail stores of  Caishikou General Merchandise Co.

After the exhibition is over the items will become part of a permanent display at Cai Bai at Beijing.

Wilson Yuen, the President of the ICA and Ms. Chun Li Wang (also known as Cai Bai), the general manager of Beijing Caishikou General Merchandise Co finalized the details of the initiative earlier this month. The proposal to have an exhibition to launch the cooperation was brought forward by Ms. Wang.

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