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Fradulant Diamond Certificates Been Investigated

According to a press release by the diamond dealers club of South Africa fraudulent certificates has been identified and verified by both laboratories.The certificated accompany undisclosed high pressure-high temperature (HPHT)-treated stones. On Wednesday, that is a day after the announcement of fraudulent certificated by the diamond club of South Africa the Jewellery Council of South […]

Opal Industry Struggling Due To The Recession

The well known opal industry of Australia is struggling due to the global economic downturn and readily available synthetic opals. Opal which is also the national gemstone of Australia is very popular for its display of light and color. According to the New Zealand Herald the situation is so bad that the world’s only tertiary […]

Zale Struggling Due To The Economic Downturn

Once again Zale has replaced senior management, probably in an effort to reverse declining sales. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was notified by Zales  regarding the departure of the executives. Zales senior vice president, controller and chief accounting officer Cindy Gordan left the company on June 30th, 2009. Jim Sullivan was appointed as the […]

Imelda Marcos Celebrates 80th Birthday & Govt Excludes $7 Million in Forfeiture Case

Imelda Marcos the former first lady of Philippines celebrated her 80th birthday on Thursday July 2nd in style. The celebration was attended by about 1000 guests. Although she told many of the guests that the best present she will get is her family’s vindication she got a pair of pink shoes from Bayani Fernando, former […]

Jewelry Designers Inspired by Bollywood

Three Seattle based jewelry designers Nicole Curz, Shamila Jiwa and Clare Kittle have been designing jewelry inspired by Bollywood. Nicole Cruz also a painter and sketch artist was inspired by jewelry in old Bollywood movies. Her jewelry collection known as Yen Jewellery Collection has been featured in Lucky magazine. Her jewelry which is embedded with […]

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