Fradulant Diamond Certificates Been Investigated

According to a press release by the diamond dealers club of South Africa fraudulent certificates has been identified and verified by both laboratories.The certificated accompany undisclosed high pressure-high temperature (HPHT)-treated stones.

On Wednesday, that is a day after the announcement of fraudulent certificated by the diamond club of South Africa the Jewellery Council of South Africa is looking for information and where abouts of a person named Asher Mesilati, an citizen of Israel. According to IDEX online Mesilati had sold anumber of treated diamonds that were accompanied by forged certificates.

The Diamonds Administrative Manager at the Jewellery Council said that Mesilati sold some treated diamonds accompanied by forged certificates. She also noted that two complaints were also lodged in connection to the sale of the goods. The Jewellery Council also confirmed that Mesilati was not a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange.

All diamond dealers are encouraged to confirm from the laboratory if there is any doubt in the authenticity of a lab certificate. Members of the diamond dealers club should take advantage of the Diamond Sure machine, which is held at the offices of the Secretariat, Suite 102, South Africa Diamond Centre. Non members can also use the facility at a nominal fee.

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