Imelda Marcos Celebrates 80th Birthday & Govt Excludes $7 Million in Forfeiture Case

Imelda Marcos the former first lady of Philippines celebrated her 80th birthday on Thursday July 2nd in style. The celebration was attended by about 1000 guests.

Although she told many of the guests that the best present she will get is her family’s vindication she got a pair of pink shoes from Bayani Fernando, former mayor of Marikina, a shoe making town. She replied “Oh thank you, I have one more pair of shoes,” as her guests applauded.

Imelda Marcos is well known for her famous collection of over 3000 pairs of shoes.

She claimed that the lavish birthday party at Sofitel was given by her relatives, friends and supporters.

She also hopes that all cases filed against her by the government will be dismissed. “We will be vindicated. I have no case that will lose.”

Newsweek magazine recently portrayed Imelda Marcos as being among history’s most greediest people which include Bernard Madoff and Genghis Khan.

Meanwhile two jewelry collections worth roughly US$ 7 million belonging to  Imelda Marcos were excluded from a government forfeiture case. raising speculations that these might be returned to her. The two collections are the Hawaii and Roumeliotes jewelry collection which the government said was not covered by a civil case. The jewelry estimate of US$ 7 million for these two collections was made in 1991 by the international auction house Christie’s.

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