Jewelry Designers Inspired by Bollywood

Three Seattle based jewelry designers Nicole Curz, Shamila Jiwa and Clare Kittle have been designing jewelry inspired by Bollywood.

Nicole Cruz also a painter and sketch artist was inspired by jewelry in old Bollywood movies. Her jewelry collection known as Yen Jewellery Collection has been featured in Lucky magazine. Her jewelry which is embedded with semi-precious stones such as garnets, citrine and amethyst is crafted with high-carat gold, sterling silver and gold fill. Her jewelry can be bought at www. yenjewelry. com and at Madrona Boutique.

Nicole Cruz’s sunset jewelry has been made with hand coiled wire and garnets.

Shamila Jiwa was featured recently as an emerging designer in the New York Fashion Week. An Indian born in Tanzania, she describes her style as influenced by a hybrid if cultures. Shimla also uses gold rutilated quartz, a gemstone which is  not fully appreciated for her jewelry. Her jewelry is available at www. shamila. com.

Clare Kittle who was inspired by Indian women wearing dripping golden ornaments. She also prefers the cut of Indian gems, which she beleives has more soul than others. She also uses precious gemstones like black diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Kittles jewelry is available at Turgeon Raine in downtown Seattle or by custom order via e-mail:

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