Japanese Queue-Up For Free Diamonds

Many people lined up in downtown Tokyo today (Monday) for 5000 free diamonds from the French jeweler Mauboussin . This was part of a publicity campaign and an attention seeking drive for diamonds in Japan.Each of the diamond weighs 0.1 carat (10 points). The present value of each diamond is said to be about US$ 50 (5000 Yen).

Mauboussin opened a store in February at Ginza, a hi-fi neighberhood in Tokyo.

The jeweler suceeded in getting attention when the national news agencies spread the word about the free give away.

Mauboussin also hopes that this will be a stimulus for the diamond market in Japan, where diamond jewelry purchases are sharply declining.

According to a statement released by Mauboussin “We hope to blow away the recession and provide an opportunity for people who are holding back on spending to have fun shopping and glow even more with beauty”

The Japanese are well known for their affinity for branded items. Unfortunately for Mauboussin they are not well known in Japan, even though they are very popular with many international celebrities.

Mauboussin was founded in France 181 years ago.

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