Guru Of Precious Metals and Diamonds Dies In A Car Crash

Louis Selekane, the chief executive officer of the South Africa Diamond Regulator died in a car crash in Diepsloot , near Johannesburg on Saturday.

According to The Times (South Africa) ,Netcare 911 spokesman Mark Stokoe said that he was on his way back to Diepsloot from Midrand in a large Volkswagen Audi when the accident happened.He was also probably driving the vehicle.

It was hit by a BMW as it crossed the intersection of Mandi road and the R562. The BMW is said to have skipped a stop sign.

The minerals and energy department of South Africa said that the country had lost a “guru” in mining.

Spokesman Bheki Khumalo of the minerals and energy department said that Minister Susan Shabangu has expressed condolences to the family of Louis Selekane.

Louis Selekane had recently joined the South Africa Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator . He previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of the South Africa Diamond Board.

The minerals and energy department also commended Louis Selekane for his effort in promoting secondary industries, that resulted in increased local economic benefits of mining. Prior to building secondary industries the raw material were directly exported to Europe. Khumalo said “he was a pioneer in transformation of the engineering”.

Louis Selekane ,a Geologist who worked in the feild of exploration geology for the South African Development Trust Pty Ltd.  His latter appointments included Mine Geologist for Anglo American Pty Ltd (1991- 1995).

He has also served as a director in the department of minerals and energy, and later Chief Director of Mineral Promotion and Administration.

South Africa Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator

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