Dog Finds Diamonds At State Park Arkansas

Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park is a very popular tourist attraction near Murfeesboro, Arkansas.

The crater of diamonds state park is one of its kind, the worlds only public owned diamond prospecting and mining site. Visitors are allowed to search for diamonds and other gems in the 37 and 1/2 acre feild.

On Saturday May 30th, Tigger a 2 year old dog (Yorkie) was credited with the discovery of a 1.11-carat white diamond. This was the first time Gerald Brown (of De Queen) visited the state park with a canine companion. Last month he had come many times but did not bring the dog with him.

Mr Brown noticed noticed his dog trying to chew something in its mouth. The dog dropped the object when he went near to investigate.  According to Todays THV News Mr Brown said “I reached down and tried to get it from her and she started growling at me, so I knocked it away  and then picked it up. After I really got a good look at it I said to myself  ‘this has to be a diamond’ “.

The stone weighed 1.11-carats with the natural octahedral shape.

The three most common diamonds found in the park are white, brown and yellow diamonds. Other precious and semi-precious stones and minerals are also found at the crater of diamond park, examples of which include amethyst, peridot,garnet, agate, calcite, quartz, barite and jasper.

Some of the famous diamonds found at the park include the Uncle Sam Diamond, Kahn Canary Diamond, Strawn Wagner Diamond and the Amarillo Starlight Diamond

Today THV

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