MineCore On Ammolite- The Rarest Gemstone In The World

Photograph above: Ammolite gemstones. Copyright MineCore.

MineCore International, one of the leading gemstone exploration company’s in the world has recently discussed about the rarest gemstone, Ammolite and its deposits in a press release.

MineCore has access to the worlds only gem quality ammolite deposit located in Cananda.

Ammolite gemstone is produced from the fossil Ammonite. The thin outer layer of the ammonite fossil shell is stripped off and polished to produced the gemstone ammolite.

Ammolite being among the rarest gemstones in the world has both feminine and masculine appeal.

When polished the thickness of ammolite does not usually exceed 1.5mm . The flat thin ammolite gemstone can be manufactured into triplets. These triplets (Three layers) are made up of a natural backing, a colourful amolite center and a synthetic (protective ) caplet- similar to glass used as protective caplets in opals. In the industry presently spinel is used as the protective caplet. MineCore is planning to use non-gemstone quality sapphires from its future operations in Madgascar. MineCore hopes to earn extra profit by using non gemstone quality sapphires for this purpose from its mines.

The sapphire ammolite triplet is also expected to be superior to the spinel capped triplet.

The Ammonite Fossils are the hard shells of extinct mollusks that became extinct 71 million years ago but was around for about 330 million years. Every naturally occurring color is  exhibited by ammonite fossils . There is also high demand for ammonite fossils by collectors all over the world.

The International Commission of Colored Gemstones recognized (CIBJO) ammolite as a gemstone in 1981.

MineCore owns American Gem Corporation (AGC) which it purchased in 2005 in order to expand its operations in the colored gemstone market.

AGC has access to 963,92 hectares of exploitation concessions granted by six permits given by the Province of Alberta’s Ammonite Shell Regulation in the Ammonite rich districts of Alberta, Canada.

External Link: Ammolite Gemstone Canada-Minecore

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