Rare Mineral Specimen Donated to Lander University

The Environmental Geology program of Lander University ,College of  Science and Mathematics received a rare mineral specimen which was donated by Dr. Dan Robinson Jr. a Green wood county physician. The rare mineral was from his personal collection of gemstones and crystals.

According to Greenwood Today the rare mineral has an appraised value of USD 16,000. It weighs approximately 3.3lbs and contains approximately 2000 carats of finished emeralds (approxiamtely 70% of the weight of the rock at US$ 8 per carat) which will be worth USD 16,000 if cut and polished.

According to Jeff Eller, the co-owner of Sharp Facets Gallery in Greenwood said that the spicemen was made on volcanic mica schist which contains dozens of dark colored emeralds.

Jeff Eller who was involved in the transfer of the emerald specimen to the University also noted that this is a very rare and unusual specimen from the Muzo Mine in Colombia. The worlds best quality emeralds are from the Muzo Mine in Colombia, South America.

Some of the large and famous emeralds from the Muzo mine in Colombia include the Mackay EmeraldAtocha Emeralds and The Emerald Unguentarium Vessel .

An assistant professor of Environmental Geology at Lander, Dr Daniel Pardiek noted that the rock will be very useful to demonstrate an example of metamorphic rock that contains precious stones. It will also be added to the departments collection of rare minerals which includes a sapphire crystal weighing more than 2 Kg ,a bag of gold nuggets and diamonds.

Dr Dan Robinson Jr. , a family physician, CEO and President of the Piedmont Health Group said he wanted to share his interest in rare minerals with future generations by donating the emerald specimen.

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