Jewelry- Rappers Not Buying The Real Stuff Due To The Economic Downturn

Due to the economic downturn many rappers have resorted to buying imitation jewelry instead of the original stuff.

Rap artists have to live up to expection of their culture of wearing expensive jewelry and accessories which are usually diamond studded. They are also well known for wearing heavy gold and silver chains. According to Jason Arasheben, a leading Beverly Hills jeweler “it has reached a point where rappers are wearing imitation jewelry”.  Jason Arasheben’s clients include the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and Hollywood stars.

According to Hip Hop News by hiphop dx. com co-founder of Cash Money Records Bryan (Birdman) Williams noted that: “Times are hard, ain’t nobody rocking it like that anymore”.

In 2007, hip hop artist Lil Jon entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest diamond pendant on Earth. His pendant was encrusted with 3,756 modern round brilliant cut white diamonds. The necklace carrying the pendant was designed to read “Crunk Ain’t Dead”. The total weight of the pendant and necklace was over 5 pounds.

Recently rapper 50 cent accused Rick Ross of wearing fake and rented jewelry.

Rappers are afraid to be exposed as fraud, if a rapper admits wearing fake jewelry, its over for him says Gregory Lewis who is running a website by postsing his interviews with various artists.

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