Three Minute Gang Of Jewelry Thieves- Dallas Warned

Mall employees at Dallas (Northern Texas) were told to be on the lookout for the infamous three minute jewelry robbers. They are back after striking 10 years ago and stealing US$ 100 million worth of jewelry across 12 states,robbing 25 jewelry stores over a five year period.

Now this gang is said to be in the Dallas area. The group usually broke into closed jewelry stores late at night or early morning by smashing doors and display cases.

A bulletin was circulated to malls around the Dallas area. According to the bulletin, they are operating presently as a 7 man crew and they usually strike between 3 a.m to 7 a.m on Sundays and Mondays. According to the bulletin Clayton Randolph, the alleged ring leader scouted a mall in San Antonio on the 7th of May.

Clayton Randolph  and Tony Whitaker were arrested by police in California, but it is not known how long was their prison sentence etc.

Although the gang was based in California, they were investigated in connection with burglaries in South Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, Illinois, New York, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and Michigan.

Dallas Morning News

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