List of Participants for the Jewellery Shanghai Show

The National Gem and Jewellery Authority, Sri Lanka has released the list of participants for the Jewellery Shanghai Show 2010. The show will be held from the 9th to the 12th  of April 2010.

The venue of the show will be the CIBA exhibition center.

1 Beauty Gems
2 Crest Gems
3 D.B. Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
4 D.D. Gems
5 Deepthi Jewellers
6 Engelo Gems (Pvt) Ltd.
7 Expo N’ Lanka
8 Furqan Ali Sons
9 Hi Line Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
10 Jagath Nilantha Gems and Lapidary
11 Key Gems
12 Khiard Jewellers
13 M.R.H. Naina Marikar
14 Mc Million Jewellers
15 Mincraft Company
16 Multi Gems
17 Multi Gems & Jewellery
18 Mushan International
19 Nemlanka Jewellers
20 Piyasiri Gems
21 Queen Lanka Gems & Jewellery
22 Regal Gems
23 Ruby N’ Sapphire (Pvt) Ltd.
24 Saf’s Classiques
25 South Lanka Gems & Jewellery
26 Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Agency
27 Sunray Jewellery Gems
28 Sweeny Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd.
29 The Choice
30 Zam Gems (Pvt) Ltd
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