Gitanjali Group To Open More Retail Outlets In China

Gitanjali Group, an Indian based jewelry manufacturer and retailer is to increase its outlets in China from 40 to over 100 in the next three years.

Gitanjali also employs over 4000 people at two diamond and jewelry manufacturing facilities in China.

According to the Indian Express, Mehul Choksi the Chairman of Gitanjali Group said ” the labour force in china is far more consistent and disciplined when it comes to cutting diamonds and precious stones.Due to the huge demand¬† for platinum jewelry in China, we plan to invest US$3.5 million.

Gitanjali was established at Surat, Gujarat 1966 as a single diamond cutting and polishing company. Gitanjali Group has now grown to become a DTC sightholder. Presently Gitanjali Group has operations in many countries which include USA, UK, Belgium, Italy, Middle East, Thailand, China and Japan.

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