Shopittome Survey Shows That 10% of Respondants Spend On Jewelry

According to a recent online survey by Shopittome. com that was conducted during the first week of June 10% of the 940 respondents who took the survey said they were spending on jewellery. 49 % were spending less on clothing and accessories online this year. However 16% were spending more than they were an year ago. One third were spending the same amount as in 2008.

The data taken from the survey also suggested that women did not cutback on shoes and handbags despite an overall reduction in spending due to the current economic downturn.

38% of respondents are holding back from splurging for now. 34% are splurging on shoes while 22% would pay extra for a perfect handbag.

Most respondents hit the internet to look for good deals, which is not surprising.  Up to 22% of respondents buy only on sale. Most respondents also said that for a bargain they expect  40% off the regular price. Only 7% feel that the usual 20% off-sale is a good deal.

75% of the respondents do not want to pay over US$10 for shipping, in fact majority preferred free shipping.

The good news is 80% of respondents are eager to share details of great deals.Only 20% preferred to tell their friends that they paid the full price.

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