Famous Blue Star Sapphires Greater than 100 carats in Weight

S/N Name

Carat weight

Origin Cut/shape

Present owners

1 Lone Star 9,719.50 North Carolina cabochon star Harold Roper
2 Star of India 563.35 Sri Lanka round-cabochon star AMNH-New York
3 Le Cote d’Azur 397.095 Myanmar cabochon star Unknown
4 Unnamed-NGJA, Sri Lanka 393.00 Sri Lanka cabochon star National Gem & Jewelry Authority, Sri Lanka
5 The King 392.75 Unknown cabochon star Previous owner William G. William
6 Star of Asia 330.00 Myanmar round-cabochon star NMNH-Smithsonian
7 Star of Artaban 316.00 Sri Lanka cabochon star NMNH-Smithsonian
8 Unnamed 204.39 Unknown oval cabochon star Unknown
9 Star of Lanka 193.39 Sri Lanka. oval-cabochon star Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
10 Star of Bombay 182.00 Sri Lanka oval-cabochon star NMNH-Smithsonian
11 Unnamed 152.35 Unknown round-cabochon star Former owner Duchess of Windsor
12 Midnight Star Sapphire 116.75 Sri Lanka round-cabochon star AMNH-New York City
13 Star of Ceylon 101.01 Sri Lanka oval cabochon star Private collection, Seattle

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