Yellow Sapphire Gallery

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A Large Cushion Cut Yellow Sapphire Gemstone from Sri Lanka

 An Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphire Gemstone from Ceylon

Pear Cut Golden Yellow Sapphire from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

 Oval Cut Yellow Sapphire Gemstone from Sri Lanka

Golden Yellow Oval Cut sapphire gemstone from Sri Lanka

 Large Yellow Sapphire Cushion Cut Gemstone

4 thoughts on “Yellow Sapphire Gallery

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  2. Ashley says:


    How do I tell if my ring features a yellow canary diamond (which I think it may be), yellow sapphire, citrine or yellow topaz stone?



  3. Junaid Anees says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to buy a good quality yellow sapphire at reasonable price, I am from Pakistan and here yellow sapphire is very expensive as its not excavated in Pakistan. That’s why i am in search of a good source who can provide me 8-10 carats yellow sapphire un-heated (good color) at reasonable price as per srilankan local market. Hope to have some guidance

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