Rio Tinto To Roll Out Silvermist Diamonds

Rio Tinto is expected to roll  out a new line of silvery-gray colored diamonds called “silvermist” in February 2010.

The Silvermist diamonds are expected to be more affordable for diamond jewelry.

The news was made public by a press event by Rio Tinto in New York city recently. A photograph of a pair of earrings with silver and colorless diamonds was also shown. The difference in contrast between the silvermist diamonds and white diamond is less than between black diamonds and white diamonds. Therefore this gives a more blended look.

Pair of Earrings Crafted With The New Silvermist Diamonds From The Argyle Mine
Pair of Earrings Crafted With The New Silvermist Diamonds From The Argyle Mine

Acording to the National Jeweler, the U.S. vice president of Rio Tinto Diamonds, Rebecca Foerster said that some jewelers and buying groups which are carrying the silvermist diamonds include Reeds, RJO ,Starboard and Bridge Jewelers.

Presently, Interjewel U.S.A is the only manufacturer crafting the pieces.

Silvermist diamonds will be slightly more expensive than champagne diamonds because a higher level of expertise is needed to cut and polish these stones.

Champagne diamonds  costs 20 to 40% less than colorless diamonds, appropriately priced for the times. Champagne diamonds have been used to make bridal jewelry over the last six to eight months due to the recession.

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