Pink Diamond Sold For Record US$10.8m

A 5 -carat cushion cut pink diamond ring was sold for a record breaking $10.8 million.


The Christie’s  auction where the sale took place was held on the 1st of December at Hong Kong.

The diamond, a potentially flawless diamond is considered near perfect. The accompanied report by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) states that the diamond is fancy vivid pink, natural color of VS1 clarity. It also had a working diagram indicating that the clarity of the diamond is potentially flawless. An accompanying letter from the GIA states that the diamond is a Type IIa pink diamond, which are very rare in nature.

Other examples of Type IIa pink diamonds include the 28.15 carat Agra diamond and 70.39 carat Empress Rose diamond.

According to Francois Curiel, the per carat price of the pink diamond which was $2.2 million was the highest ever paid for any diamond at an auction.

The pink diamond was set in a ring by the famed jeweler Lawrence Graff, based in London.

The winning bid was won by an anonymous phone bidder.

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