Moonstone Gallery from Ceylon Sri Lanka

Moonstone Gallery

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Moonstone is an alternative birthstone for the month of june.It enhances the power of understanding and intution


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Ceylon Moonstone



Collection of Processed Moonstones from Ceylo





Close up view of some Ceylon Moonstones


Some more Ceylon Sri Lanka Moonstones



Moonstones close up view


Moonstones cut in various shapes and sizes

4 thoughts on “Moonstone Gallery from Ceylon Sri Lanka

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  2. ricky says:

    how if i want to buy a moonstone, and whether you have it with some measure of weight? thanks ricky

  3. ricky says:

    Indonesia country does not have a rock moonstone, and Sri Lanka is a country that has the best moonstone, so if indeed you could have it, I intend to make your supplyer for the Indonesian market, tx

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