Megg Galligan- Boston Jewelry Designer at Google

Megg Galligan, 25 is a jewelry designer from Boston as well as a Google employee. How did that combination come about?

She was hired two years ago by Google to spend her weekdays helping the Boston area advertising firms to place advertistments for their clients on Google. She spent her weekends and nights making jewellery.

She sells her  jewellery through stores and also online through Margaret Elizabeth.COM . Her company Margaret Elizabeth Designs began way back in 2004 at her dorm room at Boston College. After  graduating from Boston College in 2007 she settled in an apartment where she continued to make her earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Her jewelry items were sold through Jari on Clandon Street, Queen Bee on Newbury Street and The Beauty Mark on Charles Street.

She is one of about 20,000 people working at Google, one of the  fastest growing companies in the world. Megg has now moved to San Francisco to help Google expand its advertising business.

During her spare she continues  to make jewellery. It is easy for her to find buyers, already a couple of shops are selling her jewelry in San Francisco.

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