$500K Jewelry Heist- Boyds Philadelphia

Robbers got away with over $500,000 worth of high end watches in a daring daylight robbery at the Boyds store, Philadelphia on Thursday the 4th of June. The incident happened around 2:15 pm .Boyds is located at 18th Chestnut street.

The robbery was carried out by four armed men who entered the jewelry store in pairs. Tear gas was used to overpower a security guard.

The robbers used hammers to break the glass cases. There were several customers in the store fortunately no one was injured. According to detectives, men drove off in a green Chevrolet impala or Ford Taurus.

The entire robbery lasted less than a minute. One of the criminals cut himself as he smashed the watch display case. A drop of blood left in the scene has been sent to the DNA evidence laboratory. The surveillance video is also been analyzed by the police.Police has also asked for public help to track down the criminals.

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