List of famous blue sapphires in the world greater than 100 carats in weight arranged in descending order of carat weights


NameCarat weightOriginCut/shapePresent owners
1Lone Star9,719.50North Carolinacabochon-starHarold Roper
2Star of India563.35Sri Lankaround cabochon-starAMNH-New York
3Blue Giant of the Orient486.52Sri LankacushionUnknown
4Queen Marie of Romania478.68Sri Lankadrop-shape cushionUnknown
5Logan Sapphire423.00Sri Lankarectangular cushionNMNH-Smithsonian
6Blue Belle of Asia400.00Sri LankaunknownPrevious owner Lord Naffield
7Le Cote d’ Azur397.095Burmacabochon-starUnknown
8Unnamed-Gem Authority, Sri Lanka393.00Sri Lankacabochon starNational Gem & Jewelry Authority-Sri Lanka
9The King392.75Unknowncabochon- starPrevious owner William G. William
10Unnamed337.66Sri LankaunknownSheik Ahmad Hassan Fitaihi
11Catherine the Great Sapphire337.10ovalUnknown
12Star of Asia330.00Burmaround cabochon-starNMNH-Smithsonian
13Star of Artaban316.00Sri Lankacabochon-starNMNH-Smithsonian
14Empress Maria’s Sapphire260.37Sri Lankaoval cushionState Diamond Fund Moscow
15Loop Sapphire-1252.00UnknownunknownUnknown
16Loop Sapphire-2225.00Unknowntable-cutUnknown
18Unnamed204.39Unknownoval cabochon- starUnknown
19Star of Lanka193.39Sri Lankaoval cabochon-starRoyal Ontario Museum, Toronto
20J. P. Morgan Sapphire-1188.00Sri LankaunknownAMNH-New York City
21Star of Bombay182.00Sri Lankaoval cabochon-starNMNH-Smithsonian
22J. P. Morgan Sapphire-2158.72Sri LankaunknownAMNH-New York City
23J. P. Morgan Sapphire-3154.00Sri LankaunknownAMNH_New York City
24Unnamed152.35Unknownround cabochon-starFormer owner Duchess of Windsor
25Ruspoli Sapphire135.80UnknowncuboidalNatural History Museum, Paris
26Midnight Star Sapphire116.75Sri Lankaround cabochon-starAMNH-New York City
27Blue Princess113.72UnknowncushionUnknown
28Stuart Sapphire104.00UnknownovalBritish Crown Jewels
29Star of Ceylon101.01Sri Lankaoval cabochon-starPrivate collection, Seattle
30Bismarck SapphireunknownSri LankacushionNMNH-Smithsonian


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