Indian Based Flawless Diamonds Gets 2 Million USD Order

Indian based Flawless Diamonds Limited received two orders worth USD 2.28 million USD. The company notified the Bobbay Stock Exchange (BSE) about the orders.

The company beleives that gold, jewelry and diamond markets have started to revive.

The first order came from Hong Kong based Malay Impex, worth US$ 1.2, while the second order came from the Dubai based Madrid Impex $1.08 million.

Flawless diamonds deals with cutting and polishing of diamonds. It also markets its own exclusive designer jewellery named AUM for domestic and international markets.

Flawless diamonds have also entered a long term relationship with Malay Impex and Madris Impex for marketing their jewelry and diamonds in their respective markets.

Flawless is expected to publish its fiscal year end report before the end of June.

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