Imelda Marcos To Get Back US$310 Million Worth of Jewelry

According to the Government of Philippines, Jewelry confiscated from Imelda Marcos the former first lady of Philippines could be returned to her.The jewelry is estimated to be worth US$310 million.

In May this year she wrote a letter asking for her jewelry back. She also wept and declared herself a destitute recently when she appeared in public.

According to Times Online UK spokesman of Imelda Marcos said ” much of the jewelry had been intended to decorate religious images, like tiaras for the Blessed Virgin Mary”.

The government move has led to an outcry by human rights groups and lawyers who are still trying to peruse numerous claims that arose from the long rule of Philippines by Marcos family.

The jewelry was confiscated from her 26 years ago by Corazon Aquino’s administration. The 20 year old dictatorship rule of her husband, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos¬† that ended in 1986 is thought to be one of the greediest leadership ever in history. The rule was also shadowed by corruption, despotism and nepotism. His government was also blamed for human rights violations and political repression. The American based Newsweek magazine recently portrayed Imelda Marcos as being among history’s most greediest people which include Bernard Madoff and Genghis Khan.

The collection of the seized jewelry was kept in a bank vault since 1990.

In it widely believed that in 1983 Imelda Marcos , purchased three of the worlds largest and most famous diamonds, the Idols Eye Diamond, Emperor Maximilian Diamond and the Sultan Abdul Hamid II Diamond from Lawrence Graff. During the sale the identity of the buyer was not disclosed (anonymous buyer).

Imelda Marcos was alleged to have moved embezzled public funds amounting to billions of dollars to United States and Switzerland during the 20 year rule (1965 to 1986).

External Link: Times Online UK

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