Hope Diamond – Online Voters Choose Embracing The Hope Setting

Over 100,000 online voters participated in the selection of the new setting for the Hope Diamond from the 18th of August to the 7th of September. The voters had to select one out of three settings designed by Harry Winston. The three settings were named Journey of Hope, Embracing Hope and Renewed Hope.

Journey of the Hope
Journey of the Hope

Embracing Hope Diamond
Embracing Hope Diamond

Renewed Hope Diamond
Renewed Hope Diamond

About 45,000 out of around 100,000 votes cast choose the setting ” Embracing the Hope”

The Hope diamond is a 45.52- carat blue diamond of Indian origin. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) the color grade of the diamond is fancy dark grayish blue with a VS-1 clarity (very slightly included). The cut is cushion cut antique brilliant.

The diamond is being reset in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its donation to the Smithsonian Institution. The Hope diamond  was donated by Harry Winston to the Smithsonian Institution  on Nov 10th 1958. Harry Winston the famed jeweler purchased the necklace from Evalyn Walsh McLean in 1949.

Presently the old setting on the diamond is removed and it is on display to the public without any setting till April 2010 in the Harry Winston Gallery at the Janet Annenberg  Hooker Hall of Geology,  Gems and Minerals. Because blue diamonds are extremely rare the staff at the Smithsonian Institution has a rare opportunity of examining it said Jeffrey E Post, a geologist and curator in charge of the mineral collection.

By the end of next year the Hope diamond will be returned to its original setting.

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The Hope Diamond in the old setting- Copyright Smithsonian Institution
The Hope Diamond in the old setting- Copyright Smithsonian Institution

The resetting of the diamond is also a Public Relations (PR) stunt for the Smithsonian Channel which will premiere  the documentry “Mystery of the Hope Diamond”

The Hope diamond which is also known for its “Curse” has brought us good luck said Cristián Samper the museum director.

For more information on the  Hope Diamond, including the curse of the Hope diamond see this link

One thought on “Hope Diamond – Online Voters Choose Embracing The Hope Setting

  1. 2009_mac says:

    I was told that my great grandfather purchased an engagement ring for his wife, early Scottish settlers to the LaFayette, WI area and that that stone was a part of the original hope diamond, a blue diamond. It had been reset by her daughter, my great aunt into a turban type setting of gold & white gold. The diamond is magnificent although in size it does not compare to the one on display. It was purchased from the Wells Jewelers on Wells Street in Milwaukee, WI in the mid 1900’s.

    I can trace my family genealogy back to the Glasgow, Scotland when my ancestors came over from Scotland in the mid 1800’s. All are buried here where I now reside in the Township of LaFayette, Walworth County, WI.

    Patti S.J. Mackenzie

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