GIA Launches New Diamond Sealing Service

A new diamond sealing service has been launched by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The launching of the service was at the 26th IIJS (India International Jewellery Show). Donna Baker, the CEO and President of the GIA and Nirupa Bhatt made the announcenent at the show. Nirupa Bhatt is the managing director of GIA in India and the Middle East.

The new diamond sealing  service will seal the diamond and important grading information in a tamper resistant package, the size of a credit card. The grading information included in the card is the shape of the diamond, the 4 c’s and a GIA hologram.

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Baker said; “GIA has been vigorously offering a wider array of services to accommodate the needs of its many different customers throughout the industry and the general public.”

Bhatt said, “As the world’s largest diamond cutting and manufacturing center, India is also a clearing house for many diamond markets, some of which increasingly request this type of benefit. We are pleased to offer it to all our clients in this region and around the world.”

The diamond sealing service is now available at all GIA laboratories, take-in-locations as well as at its online portal for clients “My laboratory”. The service is available with a diamond grading report or a GIA Diamond Dossier at an additional cost of US$ 9 per stone.

Resubmissions for the sealing service is also accepted at the cost of US$9 with an additional fee for grading.

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