Forevermark Precious Collection Unveiled in Japan

Forevermark has unveiled the exclusive Forevermark Precious Collection (TM- Trade Mark) in Japan.

According to a recent press release by Forevermark, behind each Forevermark diamond is a precious story. Since time immemorial diamonds have inspired countless myths, tales and legends. In today’s context this could be a love pledge, personal celebration, enduring love or a triumph at work. Just like no two Forevermark diamonds are the same no two stories are the same.

Forevermark invited some of the worlds most renowned jewelry designers to showcase each one’s personal interpretation of precious for the Forevermark precious collection.

Forevermark precious collection includes meticulously crafted spectacular jewellery designed by supermodel Alex Wek, fashion designer Barney Cheng, jewellery designer Cindy Chao, graphic designer Alan Chan, jewellery designer Bao Bao Wan, British jewellery designer Theo Fennel, Oscars jewellery designer Mona Mehta, couturier Tarun Tahiliani ,artist and designer Jiang Qiong Er and fashion modernist Limi Yamamoto.

The Forevermark diamond is inscribed with an icon and a unique identification number using advanced proprietary technology on the table facet of a Forevermark diamond. Leading gemological institutes have confirmed that the Forevermark diamond’s internal quality is not affected by the inscription, in fact the inscription is only 1/20 of a micron deep and can be seen only¬† by a special Forevermark viewer which is available at authorized Forevermark Jewelers. Only less than 1% of the worlds diamonds are eligable to become a Forevermarked diamond.

Forevermark belongs to the De Beers group of companies. The main aim of the Forevermark division is to popularize the Forever diamond brand and to maintain consumer confidence in diamonds while driving diamond demand in key markets. Only high quality diamonds are selected carefully for the Forevermark brand.This selection is done by a group of well trained professional diamantaires. Forevermark diamonds are exclusivey available in selected jewelers.

External Link: Forevermark Media Center

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