Diamond Engagement Ring Prices

A recent  article by Idex Online highlights some important facts relating to the current prices and sizes of diamond engagement rings.

98% of diamonds in the United States are sold set in jewelry, while only 2% are sold as loose diamonds. approximately 48 million diamond pieces are sold per annum.

A upper-end jeweler (Guild jeweler) sells approximately 40 loose diamonds per annum while a mass market specialty jeweler sells approximately 32 loose diamonds per annum. However it is important to  note that even the diamonds recorded as loose diamond sales usually leaves the jewelers store set in jewelry. The most common jewelry setting being a ring.

The Average prices of diamond engagement rings bought at guild jewelers such as Blue Nile and AGS jewelers (American Gem Society) is approximately $5500 to $6000. The average ticket for all diamond engagement rings is about $3100. The average price of a diamond engagement ring bought at a chain jeweler is about $2500, while the average price of a diamond engagement ring bought at an independent specialty jeweler is about $4,500.

The average size of a diamond engagement ring ranges from 0.75 to 1.00 carats. The color grading of most diamond engagement rings is from F to I. The clarity of most diamond engagement rings is VVS2 to I1.

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