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A Presentation by Mrs. Maj-Britt Anna K. Baker, Gemologist & Consultant attached to Ananda Miners (Pvt.) Ltd. on the topic, “Salient Points in Successfully Handling a Jewelry Export Order”

The National Gem & Jewellery Authority in keeping with its policy of educating people involved in various sectors of the gem & jewelry trade and industry, on topics relevant to their field, have been organizing

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List of Blue Sapphires Excluding Blue Star Sapphires Greater than 100-carats in weight


NameCarat weightOriginCut/shapePresent owners
1Blue Giant of the Orient486.52Sri LankacushionUnknown
2Queen Marie of Romania478.68Sri Lankadrop-shape cushionUnknown
3Logan Sapphire423.00Sri Lankarectangular cushionNMNH-Smithsonian
4Blue Belle of Asia400.00Sri LankaunknownPrevious owner Lord Naffield
5Unnamed337.66Sri LankaunknownSheik Ahmad Hassan Fitaihi
6Catherine the Great Sapphire337.10ovalUnknown
7Empress Maria’s Sapphire260.37Sri Lankaoval cushionState Diamond Fund Moscow
8Loop Sapphire-1252.00UnknownunknownUnknown
9Loop Sapphire-2225.00Unknowntable-cutUnknown
11J. P. Morgan Sapphire-1188.00Sri LankaunknownAMNH-New York City
12J. P. Morgan Sapphire-2158.72Sri LankaunknownAMNH-New York City
13J. P. Morgan Sapphire-3154.00Sri LankaunknownAMNH_New York City
14Ruspoli Sapphire135.80UnknowncuboidalNatural History Museum, Paris
15Blue Princess113.72UnknowncushionUnknown
16Stuart Sapphire104.00UnknownovalBritish Crown Jewels
17Bismarck SapphireunknownSri LankacushionNMNH-Smithsonian
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