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Galle The Jewellers City of Sri Lanka- History

Some Old and New Photographs of  Galle Fort- Please read the interesting history below Since ancient times Galle has been a center of handcrafting which includes jewelry, wood carving, masks, tortoise shell and engraving of brass ornaments. Large concentrations of jewelry craftsmen are settled in certain wards of the Galle Municipal Region such as Galwadugoda and Dangedera. […]

Sri Lanka’s Gems Linked to Ornament Industry

By Sepali Mayadunne. Valuable pieces of gems were found among the tools that early humans used around the time of the Balangoda Civilization , which is considered to be over 30,000 years old. The people of that era cherished these stones perhaps because of their beauty and used them for making necklaces and bangles for […]

China Fort(Beruwela Sri Lanka) Gem Trade Centre

The area known as “China Fort” in Sri Lanka’s southern costal town of Beruwala is renowned worldwide as a gem trade centre .China fort’s gem merchants and the miners of Ratnapura the Gem City in the Sabaragamuwa Province have been together in the business for centuries. Almost the entire neighbourhood of China Fort has been […]

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