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Diamonds Are Forever Even During a Recession

Despite the economic  downturn, sales of jewelry for special occasions such as wedding, engagement and anniversaries has remained relatively stable or in some cases even increased. Suresh Hathiramani, the vice-president of the Singapore Diamond Exchange told the Malaysian Insider that “Relationships matter even more now. More people are tying the knot. The last six to […]

Opal Industry Struggling Due To The Recession

The well known opal industry of Australia is struggling due to the global economic downturn and readily available synthetic opals. Opal which is also the national gemstone of Australia is very popular for its display of light and color. According to the New Zealand Herald the situation is so bad that the world’s only tertiary […]

India’s First ever Diamond and Colored Gemstone Show

The Gem and Jewellery Exports Promotion Council (GJEPC) is organizing two shows in August 2009. The first show which will be held from August 4-5 2009, is the  first ever India Diamond and Coloured Stone Show (IDCS) 2009. The main aim of this show is to showcase the manufacturing skills of Indian diamond and colored […]

Fully Automated Gem Cutting Machine Developed In Germany

The real beauty of gemstones is revealed only when properly faceted (cut).Only gemstones with right cut and even faceting fetch high prices. Semi-automatic gem cutting machines has been available for a long time. Only recently a fully automated gemstones cutting and polishing machine has been developed. Paul Wild GmbH has been using this fully automated […]

25th Gemstone Gathering of GIA Thailand

Photo above: Dr Dietmar Schwarz, Research Manager, Gubelin Gemological Laboratory. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Thailand has announced that it will hold its 25th gemstone gathering on the 24th of June 2009. The presentation “Colored Gemstones- Mines and Market” will be presented by Dr Dietmar Schwarz, Research Manager Gubelin Gemological Laboratory.  The presentation will […]

MineCore On Ammolite- The Rarest Gemstone In The World

Photograph above: Ammolite gemstones. Copyright MineCore. MineCore International, one of the leading gemstone exploration company’s in the world has recently discussed about the rarest gemstone, Ammolite and its deposits in a press release. MineCore has access to the worlds only gem quality ammolite deposit located in Cananda. Ammolite gemstone is produced from the fossil Ammonite. […]

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