All GIA Reports to Go Digital by Year 2025

In a Press Release dated June 7, 2022, the Gemological Institute of America, the leader in gemological research, education, and science-based gem identification and grading services in the World, announced that with a view of strengthening its consumer protection mission, all GIA paper reports will be converted to digital form with effect from year 2025.

The release further said, that the digital transformation will begin in January 2023, with the digital launch of GIA’s most popular report, the “GIA Diamond Dossier.” GIA’s digital transformation will be powered by a fully reimagined GIA App, and the new digital report will deliver the trusted diamond informatiion that consumers expect from GIA, now even more secure and convenient than ever before.

An innovative GIA Match iD instrument, engineered to pair seamlessly with the new GIA Appp will provide a new inscription matchiing service, the Match iD capturing a diamond’s inscription image and linking the diamond to its secure GIA report, using proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

Commenting on GIA’s digital transformation, GIA President and CEO Susan Jacques says, “digital reports from GIA build on our decades of innovatiion and move our consumer protectioin mission forward. This important transformatiion allows GIA to offer consumers a truly modern and engaging experience, while helping our industry progress forward to a more sustainable future.”

Apart from advantages accruing to the consumers the complete digital transformation will make GIA’s work more environmental friendly, by saving 20 tons of paper and 18.5 tons of plastic every year, and reducing transportation-related carbon emissions.

Pritesh Patel, GIA Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, says, “GIA uniquely combines industry-leading research, product development and grading expertise to fully leverage the power of AI and Cloud Technoliogy. This unrivaled combination strengthens our ability to better serve our valued clients across the global gem and jewelry industry.

According to GIA, the Digital GIA Diamond Dossier Service has three dynamic elements :-

1. A fully digital report including the diamond’s 4Cs.

2. The GIA App for retailers and consumers to securely view, save and share report information for their diamonds and learn about GIA’s 4Cs of Diamond Quality.

3. The GIA Match iD instrument with proprietary AI technology captures the diamond’s inscription image and links the diamond to its unique GIA report in the secure GIA Cloud, bringing it directly to the consumer in the GIA App.

Visitors to the GIA booth 15031 at the JCK Las Vegas Show, held between Juine 10 to June 13, 2022, were able to get a glimse of the new digital report experience, including demonstrations on how the GIA App and GIA Match iD works. GIA says the GIA Match iD Instrument will be available for purchase in the fall of 2022.

The much-publicised GIA’s digital transformation has so far produced very positive responses from wholesalers, retailers and other stake holders in the gem and jewelry industry. They say that the digital reports will help them save time and resources, besides obviating the need to file and keep track of hundreds of GIA paper reports. Apart from this, reports that get separated from their stones, when left behiind after a stone has been sold or shipped to another store, commonly known as “Orphaned Reports” are a problem for many in the industry, causing confusion and disorder in the filing process. Besides this, when reports get damaged or lost, diamionds have to be re-submitted again for a new report, which can be time-consuming and very costly.

The introduction of the new GIA App will be a solution to all the problems listed above, as all industry professiionals and consumers will have all their reports in one place, and these reports can be named, saved and sent to business partners and friends with a touch of a finger. They can also be saved to Apple Wallet and scanned with QR codes.

Fueled by GIA’s mission to protect the public trust, this initiative supports the trade and enhances consumer protection by increasing safeguards for a diamond’s identity. Now, both the trade and consumers will be able to experience diamonds like never before, accessing secure diamond data anytime, anywhere, and conduct business more seamlessly.

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