5 New Tenants For The International Gem Tower

The 5 new companies to sign up as tenants in the International Gem Tower, New York when completed include Malca-Amit, Dalumi Diamonds, Sahr Atid Diamonds, Yerushalmi Bros. Diamonds and Yondor Diamonds Ltd. Malca-Amit is a logistic services  company for the gem and jewelry industry worldwide while the other four companies   are Israeli based diamond firms.

Dalumi Diamonds, Sahr Atid Diamonds, Yerushalmi Bros. Diamonds are DTC, Diamond Trading Co. sightholders.

The International Gem Tower (IGT) is still under construction in Manhattan’s Diamond District.

According to the National Jeweler Malca-Amit announced this week that it is going to buy a commercial condominium at the International Gem Tower measuring 6600 square feet. The North American headquarters of Malca-Amit will be relocated to the building.

Amit Eitan, the president of Malca-Amit said “in order to be most effective, the company needs to be at the future center of the Diamond District”, “To put it simply, we need to be where our clients will be.”

The 34 story commercial condominium is expected to be completed in 2012.   The building is designed specifically for the gem and jewelry trade. Similar towers already exists in Dubai, Ramat Gam Israel and in United Arab Emirates.

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