$1.5 Million Worth of Diamonds Stolen

A gang smashed and stole a briefcase full of diamonds from a diamond brokers car. It is described as the three minutes that changed his life .The diamond broker Peter Kaplan, who is from New Port, North Carolina just arrived at Albuquerque, New mexico where he and his wife stopped briefly at a restroom when the incident took place. When the couple returned they found that someone had punched a hole in the rear passenger window and stolen the Samsonite suitecase.

The police suspect that the thief might have been following them. The briefcase contained over 150 diamonds and 70 rings with a vide range of diamonds, each of which was worth from US$ 2,500 to one worth more than US$100,000.

Peter Kaplan was a diamond broker for over 40 years. A survellence camera nearby blacked out for 10 minutes when the robbery took place. A tracking device was also found in the car. However the police is not sure if it was operational at the time of the theft.

Peter Kaplan was also not insured. He cited that the insurance cost was very high for travelling brokers.

The police has also notified the security staff at the nearest airport to be on the lookout for Kaplan’s case.

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