Jewelry Store Worker Killed In New York City Robbery

A jewelry store worker was shot dead on Wednesday in a daylight robbery in New York City.

The jewelry store named R. S. Durant is situated in the posh Madison Avenue.  At the time of the robbery two people were working at the store, when a cool and calm well dressed middle aged man came into the store. The man was wearing a sunglasses, a blue overcoat, scarf and  gray slacks. He soon announced that he was robbing the place and ordered the two jewelry store workers to fill two canvas bags which the gunman brought. The workers refused to comply and the suspect brought out a semi automatic pistol and said “You think I’m kidding? This is real” before firing a shot at one of the workers- According to NYPD sposkeman Paul J Brown.

One of the jewelry store workers, Henry Menahem aged 71 was hit on the chest and succumbed to his injuries almost immediately. The gunman refused to allow the second jewelry worker, 49 to call 911 immediately. He then smashed one of the jewelry cases and loaded the bags with diamond necklaces, bangles etc. Approximately 80% of the store’s inventory was taken, including about twenty valuable pieces which were stripped off mannequins..

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