World’s Largest Blue Topaz- The Marbella Topaz

In conjunction with Marbella Town Council, the organisation behind the Art Natura Malaga culture and leisure complex has unveiled the ‘Marbella’ blue topaz. Its total purity, magnificent colour and exceptional cut make this 8,225-carat specimen the finest gemstone of its kind in the world.

At a press conference earlier today, the European Economic Interest Grouping Programa Royal Collections and Marbella Town Council announced that the largest blue topaz to be found anywhere in the world has been named after the town. Programa Royal Collections representatives responded to the requests made by the Mayoress and other major figures by unanimously agreeing to bestow this honour on Marbella with the aim of stimulating the economy and encouraging cultural development in the Costa del Sol town.

The Marbella Topaz
The Marbella Topaz

The ‘Marbella’ topaz is an exceptional 8,225-carat gemstone whose breathtaking perfection lies not only in its purity, colour and transparency but also in its expertly-crafted oval cut. The stone, whose permanent home is at the Art Natura complex, will feature in temporary exhibitions in a number of different countries, helping to raise the profile of the town after which it is named on the international stage. The topaz, whose intensely deep blue colour is reminiscent of the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea itself, will thus provide Marbella with a new ambassador.

The presentation ceremony, which took place at the Contemporary Spanish Print Museum in Marbella, was presided over by the town’s Mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, and the chairman of Programa Royal Collections, Fulgencio Alcaraz. The ‘Marbella’ topaz will be on display at the aforementioned museum, whose summer opening hours are 9:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 23:00, until Friday 16th July.

Programa Royal Collections is also responsible for the Art Natura complex in Malaga, which houses the ‘Royal Collections’ museum, home to the world’s finest selection of precious stones, as well as two interactive areas, ‘Life Sciences’ and ‘Earth Sciences’, that feature numerous exhibits and a wide variety of activities staged in conjunction with Spanish universities and other institutions, domestic and foreign alike. The ‘Royal Collections’ exhibition will open its doors to the pubic towards the end of this year, while its science-related counterparts are set to be inaugurated in mid 2011.

The Marbella Topaz
The Marbella Topaz

The ‘Marbella’ Topaz

This beautiful exhibit has belonged to Programa Royal Collections since April 2000, when the group purchased it from Russian dealers at the Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona (USA). The stone’s dimensions are 100x130x70 mm and it weighs 8,225 carats. Its exceptional qualities saw the topaz added to the ‘Special Exhibition Gems’ collection, which boasts a magnificent selection of precious stones whose size and purity make them unique specimens unrivalled anywhere in the world. These include topazes such as the 31,000-carat ‘El Dorado’, the world’s largest, most perfect cut gemstone, the 25,250-carat ‘Lua de Marabá’ (‘Moon of Marabá’), and the 9,600-carat ‘Amarelo’(‘Yellow’). Of the fifteen topazes ranked as the best in the world by the specialist gemstone website, eight are the property of Programa Royal Collections.

By Esther Floro

The Communications Manager, Art Natura Malaga

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  1. marbellagude says:

    Wow this is a really impressive rock. I did not know about this at all unitl reading this article.

  2. Aylamaslin says:

    Topaz is my birthstone and I have one in my engagement ring. Imagine having that thing on your finger lol!

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