Understanding Gem Reports- Summary of the Lecture Given by Eric Wong-Gemmologist

This lecture was delivered at the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2008.

This article was reproduced with kind permission from the National Gem and Jewellery Authority.

Today, at least 50% of gemstones set in jewellery items bought ,require gemstone reports by the consumers.

As such there is a need for consumers to know the details on a Gemstone Report.

Requirements and Implications:

A second opinion by an independent specialist or to justify its genuine origin and quality, therefore how much should it be worth.

To set the mind at peace when buying a piece of gemstone .That is to confirm that ,what the sales person told is true.

To have a full documentation of the piece of gemstone that you have bought for future reference.

Through what method ,extent and /or stability of the piece of gemstone subjected to enhancement and /or treatment (bearing in mind that not all treatments in gemstones can be detected.

Limitation of a gemstone report.

Important Limitations on all Gemstone Reports:

Somewhere in all gemstone reports, an ‘important limitations’ is printed in small prints at the back of the report itself or on the cover.

Besides the normal disclamer clauses ,attention must be drawn to the following wordings:

-The results of any other examination performed on the diamond may differ depending upon (i)When, how and by whom is the diamond examined and (ii)The changes and improvements in techniques and equipment that may have occurred which may enabel the examiner to detect , among other things the use of processes for altering the characteristics of a diamond which was previously undetectable……………………..or alterations which became reversible ,even if the process remans undetectable.

Important Details on the Gemstone Report:

Measurements and weight

A picture would help (Sometimes, the picture is so well taken that the consumer fell in love with the picture rather than the gemstone itself).

Properties in the case of coloured stones and the terms used.

Proportions and quality in the case of a diamond , terms used (quality report).

Characteristics, treatments and appropriate wordings used .eg evidence of whatever treatment not present, doesn’t mean it is free from treatment). Only at the time of examination not detectable . In future it may be proven to be treated.

To survive re-certifications by second examiner and/or in future.

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