Sayan Design Has Released Blinged iPhone 3G Limited Edition

Sayan Designs has released an iPhone 3G blinged limited edition.

It is named the diamond deluxe edition of the Apple iPhone 3G. The German based company is producing only 500 pieces.


The phone which is encased in 24k gold is also decorated with diamonds and 18k gold and 0.2 carat brilliant cut carat. The decorations are the Apple logo and the company logo at the back of the iPhone. The engraved decorations are embedded with 53 diamonds with a total weight of 50 carats.


Sayan Design is a German company that specializes in making handcrafted improvement of mobile phones.According to their website their  “products stand for exclusivity and masterfully handcraft art work.” Only 6 people are involved in design, manufacturing and customer service.

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