Record Breaking Blue Diamond Sale

A 7.03 carat fancy vivid blue , internally flawless cushion cut diamond was sold for a record breaking price of US$9,488,754- approximately US$9.5 million (6.2 million pounds or 10.5 million Swiss francs) on the 12th of May 2009 at a Sotheby’s auction at Geneva, Switzerland.

This has set a new world record price for any gemstone sold at an auction, ie US$1,349,752 per carat. The previous record was held by a 3.73 carat, fancy vivid blue pear shaped diamond which was sold for $1,328,444 per carat at a Sotheby’s auction in May 2008.

The stone was cut from a 26.58 carat rough stone discovered at the Cullinian mine near Pretoria in South Africa. The Cullinian diamond mine, formerly known as the Premier diamond mine was discovered in 1902. It was renamed the Cullinian diamond mine in November 2003. The Cullinian diamond mine is presently owned by Petra diamonds a London based company. Petra diamonds bought the mine from De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd.

Some of the large and famous diamonds produced in the Cullinian diamond mine include the Premier Rose, the Centenary Diamond , the Niarchos Diamond, the Heart of Eternity and the Cullinian Diamond.

The Cullinian diamond is the largest ever gem quality diamond  to be discovered in the world. The heart of eternity diamond is a another rare blue diamond found in the Cullinian diamond mine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a great that this diamond break all the record of the sale . And while looking the pictures it is a great one and it is a less able in the world . So the people are crazy about this type of the diamond .

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