Peridot Gemstone Gallery

Peridot Gallery


Cut Peridot Gemstones from Pakistan

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Round Brilliant Cut Peridot Gemstone from Afghanistan

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Pear Cut Peridot Gemstone


A large collection of Faceted Peridots of different cuts from Pakistan



Cushion Cut Peridot,close Up View


More Cut Peridots of High Quality from Pakistan



Another Cushion Cut Peridot from Pakistan


Peridot Images from our own collection


Photos of some Ceylon Peridot’s


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  2. erick says:

    If you want to keep yourPeridot gemstone new. Don’t place peridot jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. The changes of temperature can cause peridot to crack. Always keeps your stone in a tarnish resistant bag. It will keep your Peridot gem shinier and grace.

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