Obama Receives Saudi Gift

President Obama was given a flashy necklace (Bling) during his visit to Saudia Arabia on Wednesday. The gift was presented personally by King Abdullah during the welcome ceremony.

According to Wasington Post the gift is said to be the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit. It is also the country’s highest honor.

Although the elaborate necklace with a large pendant looks similar to the ones worn by rap stars, the Saudis probably had a very good intention for giving the necklace award.

Cash for gold. com the leading American based firm that buys jewelry online said on June 5th that President Obama’s could get $ 25000 if he sold the gold necklace to them. The company said “Assuming the necklace and medallion are crafted of solid 18k gold, the company estimates that the order of merit contains as much as US$ 25000 worth of gold. However the company also noted that the symbolic value of the piece surpasses its melted value. Cash for gold .com is also well known for its super bowl add featuring TV personality Mc Mahon and MC Hammer the popular rap star.

Click here for the photograph of the necklace.

Cash for gold is a Florida based company which employs over 300 permanent staff. According to their press release they have thousands of customers who have received millions of dollars from Cash 4 Gold .COM for their jewelry.

External Link -Washington Post

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